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R.J. Calio Consulting is a full-service retailing consultant specializing the in selection, implementation and application of the most effective POS technologies for retail stores.
The Mission of R.J. Calio Consulting
  • To assist you choose the right system for your stores.
  • To help you fully utilize the technology you own.
  • To guide the use of your systems to "create efficiencies and increase sales".
The right information at the right time is critical for survival and growth in today's competitive retail landscape. Let us help you get control of your business!!!
Why R.J. Calio for your POS System?
  • 30 Years experience in selling and implementing Point of Sale Systems
  • Managed over 400 system installations
  • Very specific and deep knowledge of store systems and associated technologies
  • We will mange the whole project, from system evaluation through installation
  • Affordable and effective services to the independent retailer
  • In-depth knowledge of the top POS systems and system VARS
Calio's Retail Focus
Dick Calio, retail systems consultant, serves media and large retail store chains throughout the United States
R.J. Calio consulting specializes in point-of-sale and customer loyalty systems.
My client focus is independent retailers, from single store operations to chains typically twenty- five stores and under.

Specialty Grocery

Health Food Stores

Sporting Goods

Electronic & Appliance

Nursery & Garden Centers

Museum Stores


Sports Venues

R.J. Calio, contributor to January 2012
Vertical Systems Reseller
Retail Technology Background Information
Dick Calio has thirty years POS and retail systems expereience with over 400 installations in Nursery & Garden Center, Museum & Gift Stores and Sports Venues like Madison Square Garden.

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Contact Information
P.O. Box 827
South Windsor, CT 06074.
Telephone:   (860) 644-7956
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